Why did you decide to become a bankruptcy lawyer?

First of all, I have a passion for taking the legal structure, the bankruptcy code and matching it with peoples lives.  I customize a Chapter 13 plan in a way that will match the lifestyle and the obstacles that people are going to have and enable them to keep the things that they will absolutely need. 

That is fun for me.  I enjoy doing that.  I enjoy crunching the numbers. I enjoy working with my staff to customize a bankruptcy plan that will succeed in court and will have a real result that will really help reorganize their life. 

"David is a great lawyer.  He has been doing bankruptcy for over 20 years.  He doesn't pressure people.  He talks about the options,  lays it out in front of them and explains the different outcomes for the different paths that they can take.  If you have questions, give David a call and he will lay out your options in front of you and get you a resolution to your financial problems."

-- Michael Packard, Partner, Bankruptcy Attorney