What is SSI?

Depending on a variety of factors, there are multiple government programs that you may be eligible for if you are disabled, blind, or elderly. Each program has different criteria to qualify. One common program is called SSI.

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income and it can also be known as Title XVI. One big difference between this program and other programs is that you do not need to have worked in the past to qualify for SSI. However, there are strict financial rules.

In order to be financially eligible for this program, your monthly income must be under a certain limit, as well as your assets/resources. These rules are set up by the Social Security Administration. In most states, if you qualify for SSI, you also qualify for Medicaid. Many people with SSI receive food assistance. The SSI program is intended for those with very low income and assets/resources.

For individuals that qualify for multiple programs including SSI, it is most likely that the programs you applied for will combine into one big concurrent case so that your attorney can discuss all of the programs within one single hearing.

Because the strict financial rules are so personal and change every year, it is best to discuss it with a disability lawyer. This way, your finances can be screened properly and customized to your situation. Contact a Social Security disability lawyer today.