What happens if I am on the job and am injured by another driver?

Some delays are unavoidable.  For example, you would ideally be done with your course of medical treatment before you settle because once you settle, then your claim is done forever and you cannot go back and get more money later.  So if you settle and then discover that you need surgery, you are on your own.  For that reason, you want to wait until you are done treating or at least until you are sure how much future medical care you need.  If your medical treatment drags on, then your settlement will be delayed. 

However, other delays can be avoidable.  Most of these delays come from poor communication between a client and the lawyer.  For example, suppose that you are done treating with the lawyer, but you don’t let your lawyer know.  The staff at the office will not order the records if they do not know that it is time to start that process.  Likewise, if the lawyer has a settlement offer but does not communicate it to the client, then that would delay the case. 

Of course, the thing that delays a settlement the longest is litigation.  We almost always try to settle the case without litigation, but if the insurance company will not make a fair offer, then we have to file suit.  That takes time but the delay is better than taking a bad offer. 

We try really hard not to delay the case unless there is a really good reason (such as filing a lawsuit).  It takes long enough without any delay on our part and we are sensitive to the need to get fair compensation for you soon as possible.