Is having a car safety kit important in case of an accident? What should it include?

No matter how cautious you may be or how careful of a driver you think you are, you and your family are still at terrible risk for suffering a catastrophic car accident. However, although you may not be able to stop an accident from occurring, you can still protect your family from harm by preparing for the worst.

A properly stocked car safety kit can not only help you escape from dangerous wrecks, but it can also provide you with essential tools to survive various collision consequences. Time and again, however, people have told us that their safety kits were vital mostly for the situations they never anticipated.

Stocking Your Car for Safety

Much like a first aid kit, a car safety kit should be well equipped and contain equipment for a variety of emergency situations. Although it may seem excessive at first, being able to rely on the readiness of your kit is far better than being stuck without options. Ensure your family has the tools it needs to avoid catastrophe by making sure your car is fully supplied with the following safety kit essentials:

  • Belt cutter. This allows you to quickly free yourself and children from seat belts and restraints
  • Window breaker. This device allows you to break a window to create an exit when you’re unable to open doors
  • Swiss Army knife or scissors. In addition to being versatile tools, these can help deflate airbags to give you more room to maneuver and can also be used as a belt cutters
  • First aid kit. Make sure this kit includes bandages, tape, candles and matches, pencil and paper, a whistle, and an eye-catching bright cloth (red is recommended) that you can tie to your antennae as a distress signal
  • Cell phone charger and adapter. Make sure they’re compatible with your vehicle’s port
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Road flares or reflective emergency signs
  • Blankets (especially during fall and winter)
  • Water, to help prevent dehydration when stranded
  • Sustainable snacks, such as dried fruits, candy bars, nuts, etc. Keeping your and your family’s blood sugar levels under control is essential when stranded or stuck after an accident
  • Wool or flame-resistant blankets. In the event of a car fire, a fire-resistant blanket can make the difference between a successful escape and a horrendous tragedy

Although you may be unable to prevent an accident, with a properly stocked safety kit, you will be able to help protect your family from suffering the worst consequences of a traffic crash. Your family’s safety should be your number one priority—as your future following an accident is our number one priority.

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