I don’t really want to go to court. Can you still help me?

courtroomMost cases do not go to court. Here are three reasons why:

  1. The jury process is full of uncertainty. Often times there is no telling which way a jury will go before trial.
  2. Experienced lawyers and insurance adjuster usually know how much the case is really worth. They have experience working with one another and can quickly determine the case’s settlement value once your treatment is resolved.This is especially true for a car wrecks claim.
  3. Trials are time consuming and expensive. Many times there is a lengthy litigation process where experts are hired and evidence is purchased which may end up costing more than it is worth.
For these reasons, it is rare for a claim to reach a courtroom. The important thing is that your lawyer is able to go to trial if the insurance company is acting unreasonable. Once the insurance company knows that you are capable of going to trial, they are much more willing to cooperate and give a more realistic settlement offer.