How Can I Afford to Pay the Attorney's Fees if I am Bankrupt?

This is a very common question, and, fortunately, there are some good answers. Many bankruptcies are not filed on an emergency basis. You may retain your bankruptcy attorney by paying a small down payment, while your case is being prepared. When you are ready to file, your case is prepared and all or most of the fee is paid, the case may be filed. Until that time, you will have been represented during the planning process. Many cases are filed for emergency reasons such as to stop a foreclosure or repossession threat. Fortunately, in these Chapter 13 cases you may pay a very small portion of the fee down (usually $150), with the balance to be paid in your monthly plan payment. In other words, your attorney fee is "consolidated" with your other debts and paid over a 36 to 60 month period. These arrangements make paying attorney's fees in bankruptcy much more realistic.

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