Prepare for Social Security Disability Hearing in San Antonio

Read four tips on how to help you prepare for your disability hearing.  For more information, contact us for a FREE evaluation of your disability claim.

1. Know your story!

Think about the reasons you cannot work.  What kind of problems give you the most trouble at work? Do you have a hard time sitting, standing, using your hands? Do you have a hard time concentrating or being around people? Know what your physical or mental limits are that may keep you from being a good employee. Make sure those limitations are heard in your application. 

2. Get your Evidence together: 

Evidence is key! You absolutely must have your medical records, documentation and other information necessary to support your allegations. Make sure the Social Security Administration is presented with all information relevant to your case.

3. Double Check Social Security’s Work: 

Social Security will sometimes lose your documents. Get written proof that SSA received all of your important documents in your case

4. Tell Your Doctors everything: 

Talk with your doctors about ALL of your limitations, especially if you have having problems sitting, standing, using your hands, or concentrating. If your condition changes or if you are having a “bad day”, you must let your doctors know. Your doctors need to know how often you hare having “bad days” and what your conditions are like on those days.

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