Does it matter what doctor I go to?

It matters a lot.  Of course, the most important thing after an injury is to make sure that you get the care you need from a qualified healthcare professional.  But not all doctors are the same.  Some doctors get paid a lot of money from insurance companies, and these doctors have a tendency to ignore or marginalize your injuries when writing reports and documenting in your medical records.  Others doctors charge so much money that most of the settlement proceeds go to the doctors rather than to you.  Still others will only take payment from certain health insurance companies that will seek a larger reimbursement at the end of the settlement.  At our firm, we do not tell the doctor what to do, and we do not interfere with the doctor’s medical judgment.  However, we can steer you to medical professionals who are honest and who are not in league with the insurance companies.  We can also help you develop a payment strategy that can make thousands of dollars of difference in terms of the money you take home from your settlement.