As a lawyer, do you need to be involved in the scientific and technical details of an 18-wheeler case?

In an 18-wheeler case, a truck accident lawyer really needs to be involved in enough of the details to know when an expert is trying to deceive them. They don't have to know all the science but they have to be willing to learn it so that they can be conversant with the experts. They have to know the rig, they have to know the regulations and they have to know the science.

I had a case one time where an 18-wheeler killed four people. The expert that the other side had hired calculated the speed of the 18-wheeler at something that was very disadvantageous to our case. And we knew that he was wrong, but my expert couldn't figure out what he had done wrong. So I went out and bought the textbook that the expert had used when he was in college. I read the whole thing, some of it multiple times until we found it. The expert from the other side had used the wrong formula. He used a formula for a passenger car, when if you use the right formula for an 18-wheeler, the speed would have been very different.

I confronted that expert in open court in front of the judge and the judge threw out the expert and all of his testimony as non-scientific and it turned the whole case. So you have to have a truck accident lawyer that is willing to get into the details, get into the science and if he doesn't know, he is willing to learn it. Because on these kinds of cases where the stakes are high, there is no telling what the other side will do.

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