Can I afford a lawyer on my social security disability case?

If you want to hire a social security disability lawyer, the process if very simple.  You come in and sign an agreement and what the agreement says is that you will pay 25% of the back pay.  Meaning we will go back as far as we can to get as much benefits as you can and the moment you receive those benefits, that is locked in as the back pay.  We would keep 25% of that, you keep the rest. 

If you don't win, there is no fee. 

As far as the future benefits go you keep 100% of those.  The attorney fee is just strickly the back pay.  So if you don't win the case, you don't pay anything.  If you do win the case, you are paying the lawyer with the money the lawyer won for you.  It is a really good deal, because you are getting the help you need up front and the lawyer is compensated in the back end out of the benefits that he got for you.