Can I Afford a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Those who need legal help with Social Security Disability may be hesitant to get a lawyer. If you are looking to apply for Social Security Disability, you likely don’t have another source of income or have a very limited income source, and if you’re already receiving some Social Security you are on a fixed income.

Without a lawyer, the process of paperwork, appeals, and legal maneuvering can feel overwhelming. So what should you do? You should get the legal help you need. It is much more affordable than you may realize.

How Much Money Do I Need to Pay Upfront?

Absolutely nothing.

Attorneys do not charge any fees upfront to work on your Social Security case. They do not charge to meet with you. They do not bill you hourly. There is no financial risk in speaking with a Social Security attorney since the service is free.

How Much Will I Need to Take Out of My Future Benefits?

Absolutely nothing.

If an attorney doesn’t charge you upfront, then they must bill you once you start receiving benefits, right? No. Whatever ongoing benefits you receive from the Social Security Administration are entirely yours. You will not have to live on a tightened income after your case just because you got an attorney.

How Will I Pay if I Lose?

You won’t have to pay.

Some people might worry that if they lose their Social Security case, not only will they not have the money they need, they’ll have lawyers to pay with the money they don’t have. Don’t worry. If you don’t win your Social Security case, you pay your lawyers nothing.

So How Do My Lawyers Get Paid?

If I don’t pay them upfront, and I don’t pay them from my benefits, if I won’t get billed, and I don’t pay if I lose, then how does my lawyer ever get paid?

If you win your Social Security case, you’ll likely be paid in two ways. First, you’ll be paid an ongoing monthly benefit. Nothing from your monthly checks go to your lawyer.

Second, most cases are also given a lump sum called “back pay”. This back pay is a reimbursement check for all the months that Social Security Administration should have been sending you checks, but wasn’t. Your attorney will charge 25% of this back pay. Typically when Social Security Administration goes to disburse your back pay check, they will actually send a check for 25% to your lawyer, and the remaining 75% will be sent to you so that you don’t even have to worry about it yourself.

What Does it Cost if I Don’t Get a Lawyer?

This article is mostly about all the costs of getting an attorney. But before you make a decision, you should also consider the costs of not get an attorney.

This process can be is overwhelming. There are many technical rules and regulations that can actually increase the amount of back pay and monthly pay that you get. Many people that handle their case on their own end up missing out on extra funds because they are not familiar with the technical rules. The Packard Law Firm has a special department that focuses specifically on maximizing the benefits and back pay you that you will receive.

If you need legal help with your Social Security, the best and most financially prudent thing you can do is get a lawyer. The Packard Law Firm is committed to helping individuals who need help with Social Security get the help they need in an affordable way. Reach out to us today.