How can I determine whether my employer has "authorized" workers' comp or is a "non-subscriber?"

As explained on this website, if you are injured at work, it makes a big difference whether your employer has authorized workers' comp or some cheap benefits plan that they administer themselves.  If they have authorized workers' comp insurance, then you get your compensation through the workers. comp system.  If they do not, then you can recover the full amount of your damages through the court system as long as you can prove that the employer is at least 1% at fault in causing your accident.  So how do you know whether your employer's benefit plan is "legitimate" workers' comp from an approved provider?  

The employer is required by law to tell you if they are a non-subscriber, but sometimes that information is buried in the the paperwork.  Thus, if you are unsure, you can call the Texas Department of Insurance at 1-800-252-7031.  Give them the name of your employer and the date of your injury, and they will tell you whether or not your employer was an official workers’ comp subscriber at the time you were injured.  You can also check on the TDI’s website at, which also has a list of employers that subscribe to official workers’ comp.  If your employer is not on the list, you may have a legitimate non-subscriber case, and you should contact us to see if you can recover for all your losses and injuries.