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We could go on all day about how awesome Packard Law Firm family is, but that may not do you any good. We completely understand that you need to be able to trust your lawyer and not feel like their opinions are biased. This is why we encourage our clients to publicly share their personal experiences and critiques. Come see for yourself how we stack up to real client expectations.

General Testimonials

Packard Law Firm was a lifesaver. They are very professional and always available to me when needed. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a law firm.”
G. Rodriguez

“I believe that the law firm did an excellent job handling my case. Everyone was very helpful. All the staff (from answering calls – receptionist, etc) Thank You.”
S. Lopez

Social Security Disability Testimonials

“I am very pleased with the services I received. My case manager was very knowledgeable and timely in their responses to my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Packard Law Firm to anyone needing legal services. My case was approved and I owe it all to them. Thanks!”
T. Armstrong

“I would like to said thank you for all the help and understanding of my situation. I will recommend family and friend to Packard Law Firm.”
R. Sullivan

“I am a client of Packard Law Firm for SSI. As I walked into their office, I felt confident in their ability to help me. I was treated with respect and dignity and when I met my attorney, I felt like he was a friend. When they handled my case, I didn’t have to do anything except stay in touch with my attorney and let him do the work. Thanks to Packard Law Firm, I am able to enjoy my life again.”
L. Wingate

“I started practicing my craft as a registered nurse in 1971. Working holidays, double shifts, and a few 24-hour shifts taking care of other people was my job. My spouse was active-duty military so we were on the move and many times I found myself taking the less desired shifts since I was the new person. I found a personal sense of satisfaction in what I did and felt my work was appreciated by my patients, their families, and my family. I planned to work until I reached 65, but around 2006 I injured my leg in a fall, that left me with a slow recovery and exaggerated pains. I started working part time and took a less demanding position, but eventually, the 30-minute drive to work would be enough for my back to spasm, and I had to take time off. I had seen a pain specialist and started receiving facet injections in my back. I tried applying for disability on my own but was denied because I had been making too much. I tried again after my salary was below the acceptable level, and was denied again. I was walking around my home crying because the social security system didn’t believe I couldn’t work. I didn’t know what I was going to do. A commercial came on TV about Packard Law Firm helping people get their disability. I went online and read about the two brothers who had witnessed their own mom going through the struggles of getting her disability. I gave them a call and set up an appointment. I turned my problems over to them. By the time our case came up, I had developed a large clot in my leg and parts had broken off and went to my lungs. I was hospitalized and had more testing done, which they found to be a bilateral venous insufficiency that hindered me working on my feet. We went before a judge, MD, and occupational board. The judge was probably having a bad day, the MD was a retired urologist that certainly did not assess my medical records properly, and the case was denied. I was ready to give up because I was tired of being insulted. I felt betrayed by the medical community that I had worked so hard and long for. Packard Law Firm wouldn’t let me give up. They devised a plan to apply again and hope for a new judge and a new medical doctor. The new MD reviewed my records and said it was obvious to her that my health had deteriorated and that I had been misdiagnosed. She cited that the Social Security MD that did my independent evaluation even found me disabled. She had no problem approving my case. I can’t explain how that vindication made me feel. It was totally worth all the months of record keeping and preparation with the help of Packard Law Firm and team. By putting my faith and trust in Sam, Michael, Amanda, Rachel, and the rest of the firm, I was able to persevere and get my disability approved.”
A. Miller

“My experience with Packard Law Firm has been amazing. The firm has been so professional and yet caring at the same time. They have not only met but exceeded my highest expectations. I am very pleased that I’ve won our case. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone needing this type of assistance”
C. Moreno

“I really feel I made the right choice in choosing Packard Law Firm for handling my case.”
Packard Law Firm was very helpful in taking on my case, I really appreciated their concern for myself and my family. I really feel I made the right choice in choosing Packard Law Firm for handling my case.”
A. Gamez

“It is an honor and a privilege to share my experience with Packard Law Firm. Amanda was especially kind and helpful throughout the process. She always returned my calls with kindness and action when necessary. I had a difficult time after I suffered a grand mal seizure and a broken neck. My spirit was broken and I had to retire earlier than planned. I found Packard Law Firm kind, caring, and compassionate the entire time. I would recommend Amanda and the staff at Packard Law Firm to my friends and family. Thank you!”
M. Minker

Packard Law Firm was very kind and courteous and cared they were very quick at getting the settlement I will have no problems referring Packard Law Firm to anybody.”
C. Erben

Packard Law Firm was very helpful. They made the process of applying for SS easy. Anytime we had questions they were very quick with their response.”
D. Zitter

“I would recommend Packard Law Firm. They did an excellent job on my disability case, with quick and satisfactory results.”
D. Lubianski

“My case was at the point where I was frustrated with the system I had been denied three times. I went to Packard Law Firm and from day one they were willing to work with me. The staff was responsive to my questions and all tasks were timely. A wonderful experience and would recommend to anyone I know would need this type of assistance.​”
E. Mandujano

Packard Law Firm has done a tremendous job for my case, have always answered any and all questions I’ve had involving my case and helped me to feel comfortable in moving forward. I will refer the firm to friends and family.”
D. Smith
Date: 05/06/2020
Category: Social Security Disability

“I wanted to express my feelings with using Samuel Packard as my attorney. I had complete confidence that I would eventually be awarded the disability once coming to your law firm. It did take a while but not because your firm was not trying; Mr. Gross went with me to my judge’s meeting and made a very strong case for me. Crystal was my case manager and kept an open line of communication with me throughout. This law firm has been exceptional in helping me. I will refer y’all to anyone that needs the help. Thank you for sticking with me all these years.”
P. Campbell

“I was injured in 2013 with hearing loss, depression and was diagnosed with lupus. I was working with a law firm that did nothing to help me with my case. They never returned my calls and I was skipped around from lawyer to lawyer. After being denied twice for disability I had enough! The injury changed my life forever and the law firm I was with didn’t seem to care. I was referred to Packard Law Firm by my son. Once I met with a lawyer at Packard Law Firm office I knew they were the lawyers for my case. They handled everything, including changing law firms. Anytime I had questions they were very quick to return my calls and answered my questions. With the help from Packard Law Firm I won my case for disability! I can’t thank Packard Law Firm enough for a job well done. I would refer them 100% to anyone who needs help with a disability case.”
J. Mares

“I am very satisfied with Packard Law Firm. After three years of waiting for disability benefits, I was approved. I had started with another law firm, but they never took the time to call me or returned my calls. I spent two years waiting for an answer. I was referred to Packard Law Firm from a friend. Since day one they had the time to sit with me personally and hear my situation. Amanda would call me every month to keep me posted on my case. After a few months I got a hearing! I was very surprised to hear the attorney talk about my case and all the information he knew about me. I am very thankful for this firm. May the Lord bless every one of you. Thank you so much.”
M. Valero

“I would like to take this time to humbly thank you for all your hard work with me and making sure my legal problem was resolved in a timely and effective manner. Just to say thank you would not be near enough to express the care and dedication you have provided. When I was first faced with this dilemma, I truly had no one I could turn to and no solid foundation on which to stand. I felt as though I was lost and defeated, that I had no chance to see the sun due to all the impending clouds. Even though I had my family behind me and though they helped as they could, it was not a solution to totally pick me up from my deepening emotional state. Then, one day I heard a commercial for your law firm and something deep inside me said that my prayers had been answered. After my initial phone call those feelings of being alone slowly disappeared. I felt that I had found the friend(s) which I had been needing in my life. As the days and months went by I felt (and still do) that not only did I find friends with your law firm, but I found an extended family. Samuel Packard and Kate Walsh did their absolute best to lift any fears I had before my first contact with them. They were all so kind and warming and always made me feel comfortable in talking about my case. Not once did I feel like I was an outsider or someone who was just another client or number but a part of Packard Law Firm family. When I talk about this experience, and I will, I will let it be known that Packard Law Firm will always be welcoming, warm and will have that sense of urgency with everyone they come across. You may walk in as a client, but you will definitely leave being one of the family. Thank you again, and may God continue to bless you and your families always.”
B. Brooks

Packard Law Firm went beyond what I expected. They treated me fairly and never doubted me, took my case to court and proved I needed benefits. We won, and it completely changed my life and my family’s as well. Thank you for everything.”
Navarro Family

“I was exceptionally pleased. After being with another attorney I had mixed feelings about changing law firms … Best decision ever. Dealing with Packard Law Firm , I was treated with respect, honesty and dignity. Along with being competent and professional, they are superb in their field. They expedite the case and always answered my phone calls and questions before end of business day. They are always helpful, forthright and compassionate. My case manager, Amanda, was the bomb. Packard Law Firm is a must if you are looking to have a favorable SSDI and SSI case. Thank you for helping me after a rough time in my life. Success!”
B. Brinkley

Packard Law Firm helped me finally get the disability benefits I’ve needed since 2008 when I had a bad car accident from my seizures. I had been to other law offices that did nothing compared to Packard Law Firm. They sat down with me to explain what they would be doing and who to contact when I had questions. I am thankful to have come across this law firm because I could still be struggling to get what I needed to help cover my medications and medical expenses. They get five stars from me.”
A. Caldwell

“To future Social Security Applicants, I highly suggest that you consider Packard Law Firm. They are very professional and helpful – helped ease my anxiety with dealing with Social Security. I highly recommend them.”
F. Scheese

“I have been very happy with the Services provided by Packard Law Firm. From start to finish they have helped me with all of my needs. Without Packard Law Firm, I don’t think my successful outcome would have been as smooth as it was.”
P. Scott

“I would like to express my thanks and pleasure on how my SS disability claim was handled. All the contact and help by everyone was professional and courteous and I would like to emphasize the excellent representation by Michael Packard who definitely showed his strength in my case.”
J. Simmang

“I am extremely happy with the way my case was handled for my social security claim. After being denied twice I decided it was time to let the professionals take over for me. I was treated with professionalism and as if I were family with them ultimately winning my case for me. If I have anyone that I end up knowing that needs the same help I will definitely send them to Packard Law Firm to help with their case.”​
C. Brewer

“I would like to thank Mr. Packard and his law firm, when I was at my worst after being denied by Social Security, I called Packard Law Firm and they walked with me throughout my process. I would recommend Mr. Packard to anyone. He and his team made me feel very comfortable and lifted my moral. I’m very grateful to have had his law firm as my representatives. Mr. Packard and his team, including staff such as reception.”
J. Alaquinez

“Thanks to Packard Law Firm I am really pleased with my results. I would recommend all social security clients to see them first.”
M. Sifuentes

“I was pleased with the outcome of my case, Packard Law Firm worked adamantly on my case and kept me informed on all issues due to this case. I do recommend Packard Law Firm and will continue to use them as needed.”
L. Mares

“I would definitely recommend Packard Law Firm to anyone. The attention that was given to me about my case from them was just outstanding. If I had it to do all over again, they would be my # 1 choice.”
S. DeJurnett

“I greatly appreciate Packard Law Firm. They exceeded all my expectations. I would and will recommend Packard Law Firm. I would like to thank all the staff here but, especially Amanda. Thanks to Packard Law Firm, I won my case. I’m extremely happy and satisfied with the outcome. Thanks Packard Law Firm.”
A. Soliz

“I thought Packard Law Firm did an excellent job on our disability case. They always stayed in touch with us whenever we got a letter from SSI, they took care of all the legal things for us. Documents, doctor, everything was taken care of. We didn’t have to do much of anything and we won.”
S. Bowen

“I am grateful to Packard Law Firm for handling my Social Security claim. I had tried several times myself and had even tried another lawyer but was informed that they no longer take Social Security cases. Since the beginning, Packard Law Firm was very polite and informative. Social Security thought since my cholesterol was good I’m perfectly healthy to go to work. Packard Law Firm had to explain my illnesses: bipolar disorder, tardive dyskinesia, carpal tunnel syndrome, a foot problem and a cracked knee cap, would qualify me for Social Security Disability. Thank the Lord and Packard Law Firm for a generous fund for Social Security.”
R. Ozuna

“My name is Alex. I worked as an anesthesiologist and this was a career I’d worked very, very hard for many years. I loved my career very much; it was part of my identity and I was very proud of obtaining this. Unfortunately, while I was working, I developed some serious medical conditions; one of them was having severe back pain that needed to be medically treated. The other one was even more devastating – it was a seizure disorder. Obviously, an anesthesiologist cannot work if they’re having seizures and I lost my career. I was devastated by this; I mourned this loss. During my journey, I had two cases: one was with the Social Security Department, the other one was with my private employer-sponsored disability insurer. I applied, myself, on multiple occasions and was denied by both entities. This became a nightmare of denials, paperwork, setbacks … I felt like both systems had completely failed me. I had paid into the Social Security system, as well as the premiums for my private insurance, and they simply wanted to get rid of me. They wanted me to go away; I felt like I was being taken advantage of. There was also terrible financial pressure on myself. I worried very much about my family; we had three young children still at home, as well as my husband. There was a lot of uncertainty about how we would provide for ourselves since I could no longer work. To add to this, I was dealing with serious physical problems … severe back pain, seizures. I was least capable of defending myself against this system; I had nothing left to fight. At this point, I was becoming hopeless about our future; I didn’t know what to do. When I came to Packard Law Firm, I was treated with extreme kindness, understanding, and I knew that they would be my strongest advocate. They worked very hard on two very complex cases; we were dealing with multiple medical problems that had been completely misunderstood, not only by my insurance companies, but also by some of my doctors. Dan Packard was the attorney I worked most with, but the entire firm was involved. He went through the fine print of everything and told me I was entitled to benefits I didn’t know about. We had a positive outcome – on both fronts – and I am extremely grateful to them for what they’ve done for my family and myself. I’ll never forget this.”
A. Rudd

“Hello my name is A. Ortiz. I was represented by Samuel Packard and was approved for benefits within a year. I highly recommend Packard Law Firm they were very helpful throughout the process. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.​”
A. Ortiz

“I want to thank Packard Law Firm for helping me with my case. Amanda was and is very professional in working with me and answering questions I would not have been able to. Good thing I was watching TV when I saw the commercial for Mr. Packard when they were running it on TV. Again I want to thank Packard Law Firm for being there for me and my case.”
R. Garcia

Packard Law Firm has taken care of everything, and I am grateful for their hard work. My son’s case went smoothly without any problems. Our lawyer was very professional on explaining everything well. Very friendly staff. I highly recommend to family and friends. Thanks to Packard Law Firm, we were able to win the case and get my son the help he needed.”
S. Camero

“At first, I thought it was going to take a long time and I got discouraged about how long it was taking. At some point, I had heard good reports about this firm and that gave me some confidence that things would work out for the best. One day I came home and my sister told me that I had a call from the lawyer that we had won the case. I am thankful for Packard Law Firm and that the case didn’t take any longer than I expected. Amanda (my case manager) was a blessing. She is a very good listener and worker. She gave me time to explain myself, encouraged me not to lose hope, and that things would work out in the end.”
G. Gonzales

“I want to thank Packard Law Firm for being there for my brother and helping him win his case. It took him three years to set his disability and Packard Law Firm were able to set everything they needed for him to win.”
O. Montaluo & R. Rosas

“I contacted Packard Law Firm after I’ve been denied by SSI and DIB. They are a great law firm. Very helpful with my case. Handle everything for me. Kept me up to date always about my case. They stayed by my side. The victory was successful. So I would like to thank Packard Law Firm from the bottom of my heart, may God bless you all. I would highly recommend Packard Law Firm to others.”
C. Salazar

“To whom it may concern, ‘I did use Packard Law Firm to represent me at my SSI filling. The personnel, attorneys, and paralegals were very professional and prompt about helping where help was needed. I was actually surprised to have my SSI approved after such a short amount of time. Recommend Packard Law Firm. Fees are exceptional.”
C. Gonzales

“We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Samuel and the attorneys that worked on our case for my wife’s disability. Everyone in his office was very friendly and helpful. All our questions and fears were addressed and put at ease. Everything was explained about how the process of filing for disability worked and about how long it usually takes. Thank you again, Samuel and all your staff. God Bless you all.”
P.M. Crace

“It has been an epic journey to this point; as anticipated, a time-consuming process. I am very grateful for the outcome and for a job well done. I applaud Packard Law Firm for their diligence, integrity, hard work, and professionalism. Again, I remain very thankful. God bless.”
A. Wellington

Special Needs & Estate Planning Testimonials

“Having Alison Packard create my daughter’s special needs trust and my will was an outstanding decision. Ms. Alison made me feel comfortable from the first time I met her with her warm and confident manner. I felt overwhelmed by the importance and details of these documents, yet she explained everything to me and patiently answered my questions. She allowed time for me to consider different options and chose what I felt would be best for my family’s needs. Ms. Alison pays special attention to details. I truly appreciate her efforts to make sure she did the work absolutely correctly. She took her own time to seek out the specific process and wording of a particular issue with critical consequences. This care and concern to “get it right” shows her integrity and tenacity. I truly believe Alison treated me the way she would want to be treated. She and her staff kindly worked around my schedule. Her work and manner showed me both excellence and approachability, topped off with a loving sense of humor! I highly recommend Alison Packard for your legal needs; she definitely is the best lawyer for mine!”
E. Perdue

“Alison is an incredible woman! She is warm, intelligent and efficient. I believe what makes her so special is her own experience with her own special needs child. She truly is invested in this very sensitive and important cause. She made me feel like I was in safe and competent hands within moments.”
J. Allen

“I knew Alison had a family member with special needs and she could relate. I felt very comfortable with her friendly personality and knowledge. Alison made everything easy and kept us involved in everything. I would highly recommend Alison Packard as a lawyer for your needs. I felt like she treated us as her own loved one. I would definitely use her in the future.”
N. Pate

“We would highly recommend Mrs. Alison Packard to parents of special needs children, looking for assistance with guardianship. Alison is a wealth of information and a genuinely kind person. We feel she truly cared about our situation. She is organized and thorough as she answered all of our questions and helped us prepare for next steps/stages in our daughter’s life. Her staff is also incredible – kind, informed and helpful. We feel very fortunate to have been referred to Packard Law Firm.”
K. Johnson

Auto Accident Injury Testimonials

“I was hit in a car accident and had to have surgery. It all happened at a really rough time in my life, and Dan and Michael Packard helped me out a lot. They listened to me and treated me with respect. They also won my case and got more money for me than I was expecting. I have been referring all my friends to Packard Law Firm. They are really the best.”
Victor O.