Our Law Firm Gets Great Results for Our San Antonio Clients

Rest assured, the lawyers from the Packard Firm have been in the “big leagues” for a long time. They have worked on some of the most complex and challenging cases in the nation—cases that have settled for literally hundreds of millions of dollars. But not everyone, of course, has a multi-million-dollar case. Yet we believe that, whether big or small, each case deserves the very best, because to the client their case has become the most important case in the world.

For example, a person who needs Social Security disability benefits may not have huge dollars at stake, but getting approved so they can receive health insurance and a monthly support check will radically alter the rest of your life. Likewise, to the bankruptcy client who desperately needs to save the family homestead and the transportation to and from work, their case is the most important case in the world. We understand this! Thus, we have provided some sample case results that reflect different kinds of cases: both large and small, and we explain how we have made a real difference in the lives of all kinds of people with all kinds of cases – people like you.