How do I find out how many SS Disability Cases a Lawyer Has Won?

When you are applying for Social Security Disability, choosing the correct attorney and law firm is critical. Knowing the law firm and attorney's win percentage seems helpful, but where can this information be found? Unfortunately, these statistics are not kept by the government. The only place this information can be found is with the attorney in question. Obviously, this brings up a number of problems.

How do you know if the attorney is being honest with his or her own statistics? Even if the attorney is being honest, there are a number of tricks that can be played with statistics. For example, some representatives boast that they win 99% of their cases. They accomplished this amazing feat by playing games with the definition of a "win" and a "loss".  The representative simply reports that he or she is "still working" on all the cases they have not won, in order to avoid reporting anything as a "loss".

Bottom line: An attorney's win percentage is something that is difficult to obtain and cannot be trusted. Rest assured, choosing a competent attorney is possible; some factors to consider are as follows: 

  1. Does the law firm have at least one attorney that is board certified to practice Social Security Disability?
  2. Does the law firm have well written material? Is the website informative? Is the firm's post blog material written by a competent person?
  3. When you meet with the law firm, in person, how were you treated? Did you feel like they cared about your situation? Were you treated more like a person or cattle?
  4. What does the attorney’s online reviews say?

When choosing an attorney, sincerity cannot be feigned. You should never "settle" for a law firm or an attorney that is "good enough". Do not hire a law firm or a lawyer, if your instincts say otherwise. You need and deserve a Social Security disability law firm and Social Security disability lawyer that will not only help you through this critical time in your life, but will maximize the likelihood of obtaining a successful decision.

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