How Can An Attorney Help Me Get All The Benefits That I Am Entitled To?

Mario didn't know that he could leave his home off the list of assets when he applied for Social Security Disability.  His was a special case that qualified for the "Undue Burden" exception. This exception states that if you co-own a home and you do not live in that home nor are your intentions to return to the home, but your co-owner does and has no other place to go, you do not have to count the home as an asset.  Mario's home put him above the asset limit and he could not get Disability benefits.

Selma had been working for ten of the past 20 years but had to stop because the limitations of her disability were becoming more numerous. She applied for SSDI benefits.  She won her case 12 months later at the hearing stage.  She received monthly benefits as well as back pay from the time that she applied for SSDI until the present.  What Selma did not know is that in her particular case, she could have applied for retroactive SSDI benefits and would have received these benefits because she met the qualifications for retroactive SSDI benefits. 

Both of these scenarios are very common to those who apply for Social Security Disability benefits.  The Social Security System can be very complicated.  If Selma and Mario had been aware of some of the exceptions and types of benefits and ways to qualify, they may have been able to receive more benefits.  An Attorney who specializes in Social Security Disability can help people like Selma and Mario understand the Social Security System and get the benefits that they need and are entitled to. If you have questions about benefits or whether or not you may qualify for Social Security Disability, talk to an attorney who can help you understand and navigate the Social Security System. Read more about how hiring an attorney can help improve the chances of winning a Social Security Case or read about whether or not you can afford a Social Security Attorney.  

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