Can Social Security’s Compassionate Allowances List Help Speed Up My Case?

2008 was a big year for the Social Security Administration. It was also a big year for Edward, a 51 year old man who suffers from Acute Leukemia. This was the year that the Social Security implemented the Compassionate Allowance initiative. What did this mean for Edward and other people like him?

The Compassionate Allowance initiative was set up to expedite, or speed up, the process of applying for Social Security Disability for people like Edward who suffer from a disability so severe that they can be considered "disabled" with the right medical documentation alone, without need for the non-medical requirements. The disability must be listed on the Compassionate Allowances listings. In some cases, the whole process can take as little time as a few weeks.

To be qualified for Social Security under the Compassionate Allowance initiative, you must prove with medical documentation that you do, in fact, suffer from a disability on the list. Many of the disabilities require very specific medical tests that determine your disability.

Speak with your attorney to see if your disability might fall under the Compassionate Allowance listing. The Social Security Administration also has the full listing online.

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