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Pedestrians and cyclists are at risk, but you can prevent crashes

| Feb 8, 2021 | Accident And Injury Law

Texas keeps track of how many people get hurt or killed in crashes of all types. This is particularly important for those who have been involved in pedestrian collisions, though. By knowing where these crashes are happening and who they involve, the state can take steps to minimize the risk to pedestrians in the future.

In the last year of data collected, 2019, a total of 728 cyclists and pedestrians were killed in crashes in Texas. In total, it’s believed that around 8,499 crashes took place. Many of those were injury crashes.

In 2019, a news report indicated that Texas was leading the nation in traffic deaths but that new laws could help. According to those statistics, at least a person was killed each day since November 7, 2000, including victims of crashes of all kinds. The good news is that the shock of those numbers did mean that the Texas Transportation Commission took note.

In Austin, Vision Zero has been in place since 2016. This is a plan to reduce and eventually eliminate traffic fatalities. The current goal date is the year 2025. Looking at the above statistics for pedestrians and cyclists alone, the state still has a long way to go.

What can you do to prevent pedestrian accidents?

To help reduce your likelihood of being involved in a pedestrian accident, a few things you can do include:

  • Walking on sidewalks or pedestrian pathways
  • Using bike lanes when possible
  • Avoiding crossing the street when you don’t have a WALK signal
  • Looking both ways for traffic before crossing the street
  • Avoiding the use of electronics that could distract you while riding or walking

These can help if you’re a pedestrian or cyclist looking to avoid a crash. If you’re driving, you can:

  • Put down your devices
  • Avoid distractions from eating or drinking
  • Use your lights at all times
  • Slow down as you approach intersections, even if you have a green light
  • Avoid driving through yellow lights

These tips may help you avoid hitting a pedestrian.

Pedestrian and cyclist crashes don’t have to happen. Be cautious, and you may be able to help prevent them.