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Month: July 2020

Traumatic brain injuries and your memories 

One moment, you are calmly driving on your daily commute to work. Your favorite song is on the radio. Your briefcase with your laptop is in the seat beside you. A mug of coffee is steaming softly in the cupholder next to you, though you’re waiting to drink it until...

Why teenagers crash their cars

The truth is that teens have a very high crash rate. It’s not always popular with teens to bring this subject up, as they may feel like it stereotypes them when they’re trying to drive safely, but the statistics do not lie. The crash rate is higher than for other age...

3 Deadly errors truck drivers can make

Accidents happen every day, but even a minor collision with a semi-truck can have devastating results. Large trucks only make up about 4% of vehicles on the roadways, but they're involved in roughly one out of every ten highway fatalities. With long distances to...