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Can An Attorney Help Me At My Social Security Hearing?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | Social Security Disability

Liam was to appear before a judge for his Social Security Hearing. He was nervous and didn’t know what to expect.

When the judge began the hearing, the judge asked if Liam had an attorney or representative with him. Liam did not. Next, the judge forcefully asked questions about his medical conditions. Liam’s answers were brief and vague. Some of the questions seemed odd to Liam and he didn’t know how to answer them. For example, the judge asked him why he was not able to work full time; an enormously broad question. Liam answered the best he could but it was obvious that the judge was not impressed with the answer.

At the end of the hearing, Liam felt uneasy about how things turned out. He didn’t know if he had said or focused on the right things. He didn’t feel that he portrayed his disability accurately.

Prepare For Your Hearing With Confidence

This scenario is very common for those who choose to handle their own Social Security Hearings.

A Social Security disability lawyer should start the final hearing development stage a few months before the hearing is actually scheduled. Your lawyer should call you and do a comprehensive medical review of your case and search for any missing medical records. Easily over 95% of Social Security disability cases have outdated medical records. Once a hearing is scheduled, we summarize the medical records and write a legal memo designed to resolve any significant legal issues.

A Social Security Disability attorney should know your judge personally and know which arguments work and which don’t. Your Social Security attorney should set up a live, in person, “hearing consultation” to discuss your hearing strategy when possible. Your attorney should review the questions that are most common and discuss how to answer in a way that is both honest and persuasive.

Texas Social Security Disability Attorneys

A social security disability hearing is where you stand the best chances of obtaining a favorable decision. Having a social security disability attorney with you at your social security hearing will help you be more prepared. In turn, you will feel more confident and ultimately, you will be more persuasive. At our law firm, we try teach our clients about how to give good testimony that will emphasize the right medical problems and limitations in a way that is consistent with your best legal theories of your case.