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An Attorney With A Flashy Billboard Or TV Ad Does Not Mean They Know How To Fight For You

Many lawyers in Texas say: “We fight for you!” You hear it on many TV ads, lawyer billboards and websites. But fighting for clients is a lot more than simply standing in front of a camera, crossing your arms and making a scowl face.

There’s so much more to being a lawyer if you’re looking for one who knows the law and can obtain real results. At Packard Law Firm, in San Antonio, we have. Here’s why:

Lawyers Who Are Willing To Listen

A car accident lawyer must first truly listen to their clients and have a deep understanding of their real concerns and needs. Only then can the lawyer start on a path toward finding the “right” solution to your issues. At our firm, we will sit down and listen to your concerns and goals before making any decisions.

Skill, Expertise And Experience

You may ask: “How can I really know if a lawyer has what it takes to win my case in court if we have to go that far?” Skill and experience are huge factors when looking for an attorney. Our attorneys have decades of collective experience with significant trial experience.

Board Certification In Personal Injury Law

A lawyer who is board-certified in a specific area of law is worth examining. Board certification means a lawyer has exhibited a high level of professionalism in a specific area of law. A car wreck lawyer cannot get board-certified in injury law unless that lawyer has actually tried a number of cases to a jury.

Thus, the board certification distinguishes the lawyer as someone who is both willing and able to “go the distance” when necessary. In fact, less than 2% of all Texas lawyers are given board certification by the Supreme Court of Texas. Attorney Dan Packard is Board Certified in Personal Injury law.

Treating Our Clients Like People, Not Case Files

After suffering a horrendous car accident, you need the helping hand of a lawyer you can trust to help you secure a fair settlement for your family.

Although most of our clients do not say this out loud, they express to us in many ways how truly appreciative they are having a lawyer who respects them, listens to them and is genuinely interested in their overall welfare.

We are privileged to have clients who are people with families, talents, gifts, and problems, and we consider it a great honor to serve and represent them. That is why we chose to practice this kind of law – we want to help people, not insurance companies.

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